Who’s Mark Ryan?

Mark Ryan, Chief Dude In Charge @ The Mahalo Agency

I notice things for a living. My business cards & email signature claim I’m the Chief Dude In Charge at a marketing agency, and many of my clients refer to me as their “Outsourced Chief Brand/Social Officer.”

But when you get right down to it, I’m much more — I’m a tie & suit-loathing, culture-hacking marketing heretic. I’m an entrepreneur, a creative mind, a social media strategist, and most of all an animal & nature lover (ask me anything about Bears, Wolves, the Sierra Nevada’s, Redwoods, Aspens, and Yosemite, seriously).

I’m also a big believer in the power of branding and where IQ meets EQ.

I believe that we don’t buy products or services. We don’t make decisions based on features & benefits. We make decisions based on emotion, “gut feel”, and stories.

And so I teach people & companies how to create that reaction – by communicating their brands in memorable, engaging, and personable ways, so that they will attract the right audiences and move them toward their core goals.

I’m not afraid to tell it like it is and will help you or your organization market in the year we actually live in.

Learn more about my experience and work on LinkedIn – and hey, hire me to help 😉


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Let’s Stay In Touch

Where I write shit & block people who spam me.

Typically discussions germane to my pups, food, and camping.


Inside access to my world & client meetings.

This is where I listen, listen, listen.

Camping, my pups, nature photography.

Let’s Stay In Touch.

Where I write shit & block people who spam me.

Typically discussions germane to my pups, food, and camping.


Inside access to my world & client meetings.

This is where I listen, listen, listen.

Camping, my pups, nature photography.


  • Hands down, no questions asked - Mark is truly a special breed of entrepreneur. Mark's leading-edge views on current marketing techniques and unique creative design aspects are absolutely inspiring, and his passion for life and helping others is overwhelmingly infectious. He has been a great mentor to me in terms of my personal growth and development in the corporate world, and it's been a pleasure to work and learn from him these past few years. Two thumbs way up!

    Charlotte Sensing, Vanity Department Lead at CallSource

  • Mark Ryan isn’t like any other marketer you’ll ever meet. He’s different. He’s in your face. He’ll call you out. He’ll make you better. He’ll open your eyes. He’ll shift your focus on things that matter. He’ll tell you things like “write to be read, and write like you speak. Forget what your MBA taught you on how to write like a pedestrian businessman.” He’s one hell of a personality and you’ll learn a ton from him whether you’re someone interested in working for him or with him. I worked with Mark for 3 years while he was consulting at Electrolux. And he opened my eyes to so many things we were doing inefficiently. He helped us connect retail sales & training efforts to the digital stuff marketing was doing (and frankly, doing lazily). Mark is bold, witty, somewhat of a smart ass (in such a good way), and will make you MUCH better at what you do. I am thankful for his friendship, business & marketing acumen, and all the insight he’s provided me and those we’ve worked with. I’m a Mark Ryan fan! You should be, too.

    Adeel Shahid, Account Manager at The Auto Club Group

  • Having had the privilege to work with Mark on a couple of projects, I am very impressed with his dedication to his clients. His brain is always on the clock. He has a clarity in his thought process that few people ever achieve. In the midst of all the noise re social media online marketing, Mark is not just very well versed in the state of technology, but ahead of the curve in identifying future trends. He offers his clients a very unique approach to growing their brand with integrity and candor.

    Jack Kasarjian, President at X Bats

  • I've known Mark for 7 years now. I've never met a more genuine person both on and off the field of business. His understanding of what's relevant in todays Social Media Sprint to connect with others is unparralel. He gets the Human Element factor in a digital world. His ability to help C level marketing executives get their strategy aligned with whats relevant with the next generation (Millenials- economic buying power) and execute through different social platforms puts him a leap ahead of his peers in the marketing field. His ability to drive and execute from strategic theory to results is what I enjoy most about his style of work. Results, Results, Results!! Keep up the amazing work and transformation you give to all your clients. Your servant leadership mentality is breath of fresh air when egos collide in an ever changing global world.

    Jason Carlisle, VP of Business Development

  • Mark Ryan... a creatively brilliant force to be reckoned with. I challenge you to find someone with the innovative genius, energy, skill, wit, bold ideas, and resourcefulness that Mr. Ryan commits to his clients and partners. I've been fortunate to call him not only colleague, but friend, and highly value his experience and expertise.

    Lara Hansen, Marketing Manager at Frisco Square

  • Mark has been working with VCCU the past 4 years to refine our social media strategy. He has opened my eyes about the importance of social media to VCCU and even taught me about Snapchat before it was completely passé. 🙂 His company has provided content for our social media networks and is there to answer every question I have on every platform. He brings a different outlook to social media in banking and certainly challenges the norm.

    Tina Estes, AVP, Marketing, Ventura County Credit Union

  • Although Mark's knowledge is light-years ahead of every other marketing or digital consultant I've ever met, he speaks a business language that is easily understood and uses clever analogies to paint the picture. Mark is a great personality, intuitive, brilliant and ahead of the times, and is and always shoots us straight with his consistent over delivery of our deliverable's. I strongly recommend Mark - you'll learn a ton just having lunch with him.

    Chuck Smith, Owner at C&J Aviation Partners

  • Mark is not like most marketers and social media people. He is quite realistic, yet optimistic about what he can, can’t, and won’t do. I originally hired him for his expertise with Social Media, but later found him to be quite knowledgeable in business and marketing in general. Thanks to his expertise, our company’s web presence increased in search rankings and traffic to our sites have grown exponentially. He did it all with sensitivity to our budget and an eye toward the long-term goal of growing our company both online and commercially. He is timely, quick to respond, pleasant to be around, and quite educational. He is a skilled trouble shooter who is detail-oriented and a true professional. I personally and professionally recommend Mark Ryan to friends, colleagues, and those looking to find clarity and audience captivation in the emerging mobile & digital world we live in.

    Barbara Lampugnale, President at Grace Nail Company (Shark Tank)





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